Spruce Up before the Guests Arrive

Even though the holidays are behind us, it seems there’s always an occasion to get together.  If you’re the consummate host, you know there’s no time like the present to invite friends and family over for a meal, a drink, a game, or all of the above.  Before you pick out a menu and rearrange furniture, you may want to rethink what your guests will see before they even enter your home.

With the Cincinnati weather fluctuating, your yard probably looks overgrown, washed out, and uninviting.  Here are a few ways you can quickly flip your home from wipeout to wonderful:

  • Take advantage of an unseasonably warm day and pull eye catching weeds
  • Rake leaves
  • Add outdoor furniture
  • Add seasonal flower boxes and containers

Not sure where to begin?  Give us a call.  We have window box and container arrangements suitable for every home.  Even if you do nothing else, your guests will be impressed with the fresher, brighter décor.