My Flower Service will plant seasonal flower color in your selected window boxes or container gardens. We use the highest quality plant material available, and the appropriate flowers for the right location to maximize the curb appeal potential of your site. At the start of each new season My Flower Service will revisit your home or office and swap out of the previous flower display with a new seasonal planting appropriate for the time of year and temperature.


We offer maintenance services during the seasons such as fertilization, deer/pest control, and pruning techniques. We also offer help with watering during the week or during vacations. Proper maintenance ensures excellent health and vigor so you get the most from your flower scheme.

Design & Installation

My Flower Service can help aide you in the appropriate style and selection of window boxes or container gardens that will best enhance the façade of your home or office. Our team will help install/mount window boxes to your building, and we will help deliver and place container gardens.

Window Boxes & Supplies

My Flower Service does more than just designing, planting, and maintaining your garden. We also sell our own window boxes, planters, and irrigation supplies so that we can build you the perfect garden from the ground up without having to rely on third parties. We’ll see every aspect of the project through from start to finish. Or for those DIY’s, you have the option of purchasing your window boxes directly from us and performing your own installation! Our flower boxes come in either black or white and can be custom painted. Our sizes range from two feet to fifteen feet, and we can even provide the hardware! Click below to contact us for more information.


Water is essential to the life and vigor of flowers. Automatic Irrigation provides even consistent moisture, thus ensuring a long lasting flower display. Remembering to water can become a chore, and irrigation provides relief when life becomes busy or you are away on vacation.

My Flower Service will install micro-irrigation directly to your window boxes, and container gardens. Our installers will set up your irrigation using ¼” water supply lines that we run to your window boxes or container gardens. This inconspicuous water supply line will then lead to the appropriate style irrigation head or drip line.

My Flower Service will attach a computer/digital timer system to your hose faucet which will automatically water your window boxes or container gardens. Our timer can provide water up to several times a day or selected days of the week.

If you have existing lawn or landscape irrigation, My Flower Service will coordinate with your irrigation contractor to create a new zone for the flowers, or tap into an existing zone.

Mailbox Decor

Mailbox Decor is a creative way to surprise a friend, family member or neighbor. Let us know what theme you’d like and when we might be able to sneak over. When the recipient finds their mailbox bedazzled, they’ll be both pleased and puzzled. The special decor will put a smile on their face for weeks to come.

Mailbox Decor is perfect for all occasions: