Selecting the Best Flower Bouquet for Your Wedding

Selecting a wedding dress and flower bouquets both are very difficult decisions. Wedding dresses are mostly in similar colors so the problem here is selecting the best white dress out of 10 other white dresses.

The issue with wedding bouquet is completely the opposite. The abundance of different flowers with a variety of colors makes it tough for the couple to select the perfect floral arrangement. Most couples desire for a wedding theme that represents their story; therefore, it is very important to select flowers that are in sync with that.

With there being so many options and such little time, below is a quick overview of some of the most popular wedding bouquets.

1. Cascading Bouquets

Also known as teardrop, they became immensely popular amongst brides after Lady Diana carried a beautiful cascading bouquet at her wedding. Having been carried by one of the most beautiful royal brides in recent times, the teardrop bouquets have become a symbol of sophistication, grace and beauty.

The roundish top of the bouquet trails down into a cone shape, similar to a waterfall which gives it an added dramatic touch. The top flowers are mostly Orchids and Sweat peas while vines trace down the bride’s hands. The sophisticated bouquets along with a beautiful white wedding ensemble give the bride an elegant look.

2. Round Wedding Bouquets

Whenever a wedding bouquet is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is a bunch of roses and petals bunched together in a round bouquet. Round wedding bouquets come in various kinds, the most popular of which is the posy bouquet.

Posy bouquets are smaller in size and can be easily carried in one hand. They are also more convenient if the wedding dress is very elaborate or heavy. The round wedding bouquets mostly consist of a single flower type but there can be variations. The most common flowers used are Roses, Hydrangeas and Peonies.

3. Nosegay Bouquet

Also known as a tussy-mussy bouquet, Nosegay bouquets are smaller forms of hand tied bouquets. There is more emphasis on greenery and leaves which are wired together with a ribbon and the stem cut equally. The flowers are arranged at the top and are mostly Roses or Calla lilies as the arrangement gives them more structure.

These simpler bouquets are the best option in case one has a tight floral budget or doesn’t want the bouquets to be a distraction from the dress itself.

4. Arm Sheaf Bouquet

Earlier known as Bernhardt bouquets, they are composed of flower with long stems and are mostly hand tied. The bouquet easily rests one arm of the bride allowing her to hold her escort’s hand while walking down the aisle.

The arm sheaf bouquets have no limitation on flower choice and a combination of different flora can be selected to make it as chic or modern as desired. The common flowers selected are roses, orchids, larkspur and calla lilies.

Wedding bouquets make up a significant part of the big day and should be chosen carefully keeping the preferences of the bride and bridegroom in consideration.