Flowers: Their Origins and Meanings

Each flower has a special meaning. Every flower represents a feeling or a special event. People use flowers to communicate feelings and messages to their loved ones. Not sure which flower to give to your loved one this Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday or anniversary? Well, to make it easy, we have listed some of the famous flowers, their meanings, and origins, so that you can pick the right flower for any special event.


This one-of-a-kind daisy-like flower signifies love, wisdom, and faith. Its meaning and name originate from Greek mythology. It is said that the flower aster was created by the tears of the Greek goddess, Astraea. The goddess was upset by the few stars in the sky, and as she cried, her tears turned into star-shaped aster flowers.

The meaning of the aster flower changes based on color. A purple aster represents wisdom and loyalty; a white aster symbolizes purity and innocence; a red aster signifies undying devotion; a pink aster represents sensitivity and love.

Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise flower signifies joy and paradise. It also means faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness. This is why the bird of paradise is considered to be the best ninth wedding anniversary gift. This flower originated in South Africa and is also called the crane flower.

The bird of paradise flower is commonly found in bright orange and blue colors. However, their flowers can also be white.


These flowers originated in China and were used by the Chinese as a herbal remedy. The roots of the flower relived headache pains, and the petals were eaten as salads. The flower spread through different countries and was so beautiful that the Japanese emperor made it his seal. In Japan, every year there is a National Chrysanthemum Day, which is also called the Festival of Happiness.
The flower blooms in fall and signifies joy and beauty, but the flower’s meaning has varied over time and place:

  • Victorians used the flower to signify friendship and well-wishing.
  • In China, the flower represented a long life and was a symbol of luck.
  • In Australia, they are the flowers to gift on Mother’s Day because of their nickname ‘mums’.
  • In Belgium and Austria, people used it as a memorial flower to honor their loved one.

The different colors of the flower also represent different meanings:

  • Red—love and deep passion
  • Yellow— love and sorrow
  • White—loyalty and honesty
  • Violet—a wish to get well


Daisies represent innocence and purity. Their meaning stems from an old Celtic legend. Based on this legend, when an infant died, God sprinkled daises on the infant’s parents to cheer them up.

Daisies are a combination of two flowers. The inner—yellow part—of the daisy is called a disc floret, and the outer petals are called ray floret. Because of the synthesis of two flowers, daisies symbolize true love.

Now that you know what some flowers signify, contact My Flower Service at 513-617-9305 to arrange the perfect flower garden for your loved one.

Why You Can’t Go Wrong with Flowers as a Gift

Flowers are the best gift and no one has ever been disappointed when they took flowers to their loved ones. Known to bring smiles and joy to anyone, flowers make a perfect gift that soothes the soul and helps create a sense the euphoria for the receiver.

They can be taken on any occasion whether joyful or gloomy and the gift of lower only uplifts the mood. Whether you plan to take flowers on a special occasion or just want to make someone feel extra special flowers are the ideal gift. Even when you visit your friend or family at the hospital, do not forget to take flowers with you as they are known to help in healing.

Well you truly don’t need a reason to give someone a beautiful gift of flowers, but still, here are the top reasons why flowers are the ideal gift.

Every Flower Has a Beautiful Meaning

The sheer variety of flowers is mind boggling and every type of flower has a special connotation and a beautiful meaning attached to it, like roses are a sign of love and are an ideal gift for your partner and taking roses to your date, makes it all the more special. Gifting carnations to your mother on the mother’s day has become an amazing tradition and makes the mother all around world feel great. The variety of colors and types of flower can be available for every occasion and be used to express every sentiment.

Flowers Are Gift That No One Will Ever Forget

Since flowers as a gift make the person receiving the gift feel especial they are hard to forget. And flowers are usually placed in a vase and set on the table since they make the house look great, and whenever the person looks at the flowers they would be reminded of you.

The Flowers Can Fit in Everyone’s Budget and Needs

This can’t be said about many other gifts as beautiful as flowers. Flowers can be adjusted to meet almost everyone’s budget and preferences. And furthermore, you do not have to worry about the dietary restrictions of the people.

For example, you do not have to bother about taking milk containing products to your vegan friend or worse a friend who is lactose intolerant. And there are flowers that are allergy friendly and are completely safe to take to someone who can enjoy them without having to worry about causing any allergic reaction.

Flowers Can Be a Splendid a Dazzling Surprise on a Special Occasion

Whether you want to surprise your mother on the mother’s day or it is your wedding anniversary and you want to surprise your partner, mailbox bombing with beautiful and exquisite flowers is the way to go. And even when you remember on the last minute getting flowers is a lot easier than getting any other gift. You can also plan the whole thing out from the comfort of your home online.

My Flower Service is the best place to have flowers gifted to your loved ones on every special occasion.

Why Your Home Needs a Beautiful Flower Arrangement

When somebody surprises you with a bouquet of flowers, you get this warm feeling which reminds you that you’re loved and cared for by people who are close to you. Flowers are beautiful and fragrant, there’s no denying that fact, but flower decorations around your home also promote a healthy environment around you and some quality benefits. Here we discuss several facts that are good enough reasons for you to have fresh flower arrangements in your home every now and then.

Flowers Boost Your Mood & Spirit

Bright, colorful and freshly cut flowers raise your spirit and have an impact on your mood almost instantly. People who are fond of arranging flowers in their homes are less likely to experience periods of depression and anxiety. They feel less worried and show a tendency for patience.

Flowers Brighten Things Up

You can keep flowers anywhere in your home and that spot will become lively. If you do flower arrangement in your home, you can match the colors of your living room or maybe go for bright contrasts that make your living space more cheerful and fresh. Having flowers around you can turn old and boring places into vibrant ones. Same is the effect of flowers on your personal being – you begin to think good and feel good about things around you.

Flowers Refresh Memories

It’s the fragrance of the flowers that stimulates the sense of smell – the most powerful sense that can trigger a flashback of memories almost instantly. If you want to surround yourself with positivity and pleasantness, decorate your rooms with the bouquet of flowers that bring back good memories to your mind. It could be the flowers you grew up collecting, or maybe the flowers that were used for decoration on your wedding day.

Flora Induces Creativity

Flowers attract concentration and can also divert your attention from other stressful thoughts. Moreover, flower decoration in your home gives you a chance to be creative. Focusing on beautiful flowers shuts out negativity and pessimism and inspires you to be creative.

Flowers Give a Welcoming Gesture

Flowers are known to give positive emotional feelings to those who look at them. You can arrange flowers in your home on the foyer, in the living room and dining room to welcome your guests with a warm gesture. Moreover, whenever you look at these flowers they will make you feel at home too. Thus, if you’re intending to fill your living space with colorful and bright flowers, then you should probably go for it without giving it a second thought.

Flowers are old fashioned gifts that are still valued and still considered a wonderful offering from one person to another. If you want to surprise your friend, a family member or perhaps a neighbor on any occasion, contact My Flower Service and let us know what kind of seasonal flowers you would like to send to your loved ones. We have an amazing variety of flowers. Moreover, our mailbox bombing service never fails to put a smile on the recipient’s face when they start their day by finding a bouquet of fresh beautiful flowers in their mailbox.

Selecting the Best Flower Bouquet for Your Wedding

Selecting a wedding dress and flower bouquets both are very difficult decisions. Wedding dresses are mostly in similar colors so the problem here is selecting the best white dress out of 10 other white dresses.

The issue with wedding bouquet is completely the opposite. The abundance of different flowers with a variety of colors makes it tough for the couple to select the perfect floral arrangement. Most couples desire for a wedding theme that represents their story; therefore, it is very important to select flowers that are in sync with that.

With there being so many options and such little time, below is a quick overview of some of the most popular wedding bouquets.

1. Cascading Bouquets

Also known as teardrop, they became immensely popular amongst brides after Lady Diana carried a beautiful cascading bouquet at her wedding. Having been carried by one of the most beautiful royal brides in recent times, the teardrop bouquets have become a symbol of sophistication, grace and beauty.

The roundish top of the bouquet trails down into a cone shape, similar to a waterfall which gives it an added dramatic touch. The top flowers are mostly Orchids and Sweat peas while vines trace down the bride’s hands. The sophisticated bouquets along with a beautiful white wedding ensemble give the bride an elegant look.

2. Round Wedding Bouquets

Whenever a wedding bouquet is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is a bunch of roses and petals bunched together in a round bouquet. Round wedding bouquets come in various kinds, the most popular of which is the posy bouquet.

Posy bouquets are smaller in size and can be easily carried in one hand. They are also more convenient if the wedding dress is very elaborate or heavy. The round wedding bouquets mostly consist of a single flower type but there can be variations. The most common flowers used are Roses, Hydrangeas and Peonies.

3. Nosegay Bouquet

Also known as a tussy-mussy bouquet, Nosegay bouquets are smaller forms of hand tied bouquets. There is more emphasis on greenery and leaves which are wired together with a ribbon and the stem cut equally. The flowers are arranged at the top and are mostly Roses or Calla lilies as the arrangement gives them more structure.

These simpler bouquets are the best option in case one has a tight floral budget or doesn’t want the bouquets to be a distraction from the dress itself.

4. Arm Sheaf Bouquet

Earlier known as Bernhardt bouquets, they are composed of flower with long stems and are mostly hand tied. The bouquet easily rests one arm of the bride allowing her to hold her escort’s hand while walking down the aisle.

The arm sheaf bouquets have no limitation on flower choice and a combination of different flora can be selected to make it as chic or modern as desired. The common flowers selected are roses, orchids, larkspur and calla lilies.

Wedding bouquets make up a significant part of the big day and should be chosen carefully keeping the preferences of the bride and bridegroom in consideration.

A Quick Guide to a Beautiful Spring Garden

For many obsessive gardeners, spring can be a challenging month for planting flowers and growing their garden. Homeowners who take great interest in their gardens are seen checking the landscape for even the smallest sight of life right from February. Generally, spring flowers are planted near the end of winters so that they can fully blossom as soon as spring begins.

For such gardeners, below are a few tips that can help them in not only setting up an appealing garden but also choose flowers that can withstand the unstable spring weather.

1. Consider Early Bloomers

Planting early bloomers is an easy way of cheating the cold winters and planning ahead for your spring tea parties. The flowers start blossoming during early spring and thus named early bloomers. Early bloomers are usually a quick fix for giving your garden some life after the snow clears and the Christmas decorations start coming down. Early bloomers are widely affordable and are generally bought in dozens; there arrangement makes them seem like a set of bulbs planted outside. The only drawback is they are much smaller in size and don’t really stand out in the garden with other flowers glowing brightly besides them.

The most common type of early bloomers is snowdrop. Snowdrop is a white, small bell-shaped flower that starts flourishing right from the end of January. Other early bloomers come in different colors such as yellow, green, blue and pink.

2. Planting a Crocus Lawn

Since after winters, the garden grass is still recovering and regaining its green glory, it is recommended to plant Crocus bulbs. Crocuses are some of the most favorite spring flowers that are used for naturalizing the lawn in order to delay the mowing process. Mowing is usually delayed until the shrubbery foliage in the garden has fully grown and no underground growth remains. The crocus bulb is carefully planted at least 4 inches into the soil surface to ensure that it’s completely immersed into the underground flora.

3. Pair Up Your Bulb-Shaped Flowers

Since crocuses and snowdrops don’t leave much of an impact on your garden. It is always a good idea to pair them with other flowers. Early bloomers are usually paired with flowers that grow a little later so that it gives the garden a more natural evolution. Tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are generally planted alongside crocuses. The white early bloomers paired with the more brightly dominant tulips give the garden a look similar to those on the front pages of gardening magazines.

4. Hanging Flower Baskets

If you live in an area where spring blooms late, it is a good idea to incorporate flowering baskets in your gardening scheme. These baskets and containers can be hung on sheds or around the entrance door. Some of the common basket flowers include petunias, snapdragons and violas.

Homeowners who desire a beautiful garden but don’t want to get their hands dirty can contact nearby professional gardening services.

Flowers: The Fodder for Scientific Experiments

Flowers have since forever been a source of contentment and happiness for us, a name synonymous with beauty and delicacy. We compare flowers to a lot of things in our everyday lives, from beauty of a person to becoming part of those motivational speeches where you compare the life of a flower and the adversities it survives, how it blossoms without caring about competing with its fellow flowers. But Flowers can do alot more then just that.

The categories of flowers

Broadly, flowers can be divided into two categories, ornamental and medicinal.

  • Ornamental

    Roses and orchids being the most common examples of ornamental flowers perfect for decorating your house or warming up hearts. At present more then 150 different varieties of roses can be found though only a few make it to the markets. Orchids on the other hand are highly valuable flowers owing to their longer shelf life.

  • Medicinal

    Flowers have long been a source of wonder for the scientific world as well. Their medicinal and therapeutic properties never fail to surprise the world. Natural and herbal products are said to be better than pharmaceuticals due to the fact that they have much less side effects. They have healing capabilities, much of which has been known to mankind for centuries.

Science and flowers

Scientifically flowers have much higher prospects. From research to medicine all fields of science exploit flowers on daily bases. Experiments are carried out to study the contributions of flowers to the successful reproduction of the plant and their uses as a safer alternate to pharmaceutical drugs.

Begonia, for example, is a flower which is said to be a relaxant for pain, especially headaches and healing sores and burns. Bellisperennis, commonly called daisy is a flower which despite its not so attractive appearance has long been used by locals for relieving physical disorders like arthritis and rheumatism. Blood root is yet another example of a flower possessing healing properties, especially for respiratory diseases. Certain types of teas are also made by boiling flowers in water in order to treat fever, cough and other digestive problems.

Their utilities are immense

In earlier times flowers and herbs were the only source of medicine and food for people. Broccoli, cauliflower and artichoke are some examples of flowers as food items while saffron, cloves and capers are examples of flowers being used as spices. Flowers contribute highly to the economy of a country as well, being of primary interest to importers and exporters.

Flowers and their impact on human psychology

Having said all that, flowers have excellent effects on our mental health as well. Studies prove that customers in restaurants decorated with flowers were in relatively better modes as compared to those customers who visited restaurants with no flowers to lighter the ambiance. Cognitive performance is also enhanced by the presence of flowers in a work place. Even the simple act of smelling the good fragrance of a flower makes our mood better and reduces anxiety.

Visitors to the sick have known this instinctively since ages and today science backs the norm of taking flowers as a present to sick as well by proving that patients having flowers in their room were more optimistic about their treatment and showed better response to medications then those present in rooms with no flowers or plants.

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” The words of Lady Bird Jackson sum up everything that flowers represent in human life.

Mom’s Signature Flower

Need a new and creative way to show Mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day?  Bring her home’s landscape to life with potted plants and planter boxes brimming with beautiful flowers.  My Flower Service will come out and plant fresh flowers four times a year so your mom always has something new to admire.

If you’re more interested a DIY garden, planting perennials is a simple, yet lovely gesture.  Did you know that each birth month has designated flowers that hold a unique meaning?  Consider adding your mom’s signature flower to her flower garden this year for a thoughtful, personalized gift.

When mom rings in her January birthday add pink carnations that symbolize undying love, or snowdrops that symbolize hope.

If she blows out the candles in February, violets or primrose are the right choices.  Violets represent loyalty and faithfulness, as primrose represents patience, kindness, and gentleness.

Whether she celebrates like a lion or a lamb, a March Mom’s birthday flower is a daffodil symbolizing unequalled love, or a jonquils that can send a message of domestic joy and friendship.

Shower mom with daisies or sweetpeas if her birthday is in April.  Daisies represent innocence and loyal love and the delicate blooms of sweetpeas bring blissful pleasure.

If dancing around the May-pole commemorates her birthday, Lily of the Valley and Hawthorne are the way to go.  Lily of the Valley speaks sweetness, while Hawthorne gives hope and supreme happiness.

A warm summer doesn’t compare to a mom born in June.  Her flower is roses in a variety of shades with different meanings from “I love you” to “perfect happiness.”  Or you could opt for honeysuckle that whispers of the everlasting bonds of love.

July moms are firecrackers whose garden should be graced by white larkspurs for their happy nature, or water lilies that express purity and majesty.

If she takes the cake in August, gladiolas or poppies are her signature flower; one representing calm integrity, the latter representing anything from pleasure to wellness and success.

When she’s opening her presents in September, add asters symbolizing powerful love, or morning glories who express affection.

Don’t get spooked if she celebrates in October.  Her flowers are marigolds; a sign of warm or fierce undying love balanced by her other flower cosmos for order, peace, and serenity.

If you’re Thankful every November to sing Happy Birthday to Mom, red chrysanthemums say, ‘I love you’ while white represent pure love.

When you’re decking the halls with holly, you’re also celebrating December mom’s birthday with her signature flower.  Holly communicates a wish for domestic happiness.

Time is short, so contact My Flower Service today at 513-617-9305 to plan the perfect flower garden for Mom!

Spruce Up before the Guests Arrive

Even though the holidays are behind us, it seems there’s always an occasion to get together.  If you’re the consummate host, you know there’s no time like the present to invite friends and family over for a meal, a drink, a game, or all of the above.  Before you pick out a menu and rearrange furniture, you may want to rethink what your guests will see before they even enter your home. 

With the Cincinnati weather fluctuating, your yard probably looks overgrown, washed out, and uninviting.  Here are a few ways you can quickly flip your home from wipeout to wonderful:

  • Take advantage of an unseasonably warm day and pull eye catching weeds
  • Rake leaves
  • Add outdoor furniture
  • Add seasonal flower boxes and containers

Not sure where to begin?  Give us a call.  We have window box and container arrangements suitable for every home.  Even if you do nothing else, your guests will be impressed with the fresher, brighter décor.

Why a Flower Service?

There are numerous benefits to tasteful landscaping.  The right arrangement can make your house feel like home, welcome your guests, and even help your house sell.  But often times other responsibilities interfere with the ambitions we have for our gardens.  Instead of sacrificing your lawn on the altar of obligations, why not try our flower service?   

Our experts will handle every step of the process:

  • Helping you design an arrangement of window boxes or containers that suits your tastes
  • Selecting arrangements – we’ll even revisit at the beginning of each season to bring in flowers that are seasonally appropriate!
  • Delivering and installing your planter boxes or containers
  • Planting your flowers
  • Installing an automatic irrigation system so you don’t have to worry about watering every day
  • Maintaining your plants so that they are fertilized, pruned, and pest resistant

If you need ideas for how we can transform the landscape of your home, check out our gallery or contact us.  We would love to talk with you to discuss your dreams for your garden.